What I learnt this week: Best intentions

Do you believe that people do their best?

If I’m being completely honest- no I don’t believe that everyone does their best.  I would love to think this isn’t the case but unfortunately it’s my belief.  Well, until now…

I was reading some research done by Brene Brown in her amazing book ‘Rising Strong.’  She conducted a study where she asked all the participants the same question- ‘did they believe that others were doing their best?’

The results were interesting.

Those who answered yes or paused to think about it and still answered yes they believed that people were doing their best lived more wholeheartedly.  In comparison those who answered no straight away were more judgemental on others and even worse- themselves!

Because if you’re judging others harshly you’re probably doing the same to yourself.   Just because someone doesn’t do something the way I would’ve done it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their best.  It might not be my best, but it’s theirs.

I started to look at the people in my life, who quite frankly sh*t me off. When they did something that annoyed me I tried not to judge. I went- you know what they’re doing their best right now.

I’m trying this out atm, so I’m still judgy at times but I noticed when I stopped judging others, I stopped judging myself so much.  I relaxed more.  And it felt bloody great.

I’ll tell you what I did do my best at this week-enjoy the last of my Christmas holiday in Brissy…

Hit the sales and bought some new gym gear, which doesn’t sound exciting but believe me I can spend hours in Lorna Jane- sports bras, tights and tanks, oh my.  After the madness of sales crowds mum and I headed for a nice relaxing dinner under the stars at a Thai restaurant.


The next day was the last of my holiday.  I saw ‘Suffragette,’ which is a truly incredible film.  I’ll never, ever waste a vote again!  Those women fought too hard for a simple right that I’ve sometimes taken for granted.  Naughty me!

The film was followed by a huge fish ‘n’ chip lunch with James and mum.  Then it was game over.  I had to get on that big jet plane and head back to the big smoke.  Worse yet, it was time to start work at again.  Why do we have to work, whywhywhywhywhy?

The consolation was that I got a fun New Years evening chilling in Flick’s pool, with her and Lauren.  We sipped frozen margaritas on the crazy 40 degree day and laughed the night away.  At 12am we decide the only thing to do was to run down the street in our underwear to celebrate…


The next day I paid for my sins.  But by the weekend things were looking up- headed to Lygon Street for lunch with Kel and Linda.  It was the first time since I’ve seen them since I’ve been back from the UK, which was lovely.

The rest of the weekend was spent working or hanging out with dad and Karen, who were in Melbs for a few days.  We checked out a 20/20 cricket match, which was pretty darn cool.  I even completed a bucket list item- saw Daryl Braithwaite perform ‘The Horses’ live.

I wonder what other things I can cross of the list in 2016…

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