What I learnt this week: Connect the dots

I’ve noticed in life the harder you push for something the further away that goal sometimes seems.

Occasionally when I’m writing, I feel an idea floating illusively in my brain. I can’t quite grab hold of it. However I don’t want to give up. I want that damn idea! So I take out my lasso, which is usually no good (mostly because I don’t know how to use it) and try to wrangle it.

However I read an article this week in which scientists suggest the best way to deal with a blockage is to literally stare at a blank wall.  Because generally your brain has all the info, it just needs to play a bit of tetris and the pieces will come together without being forced.

That’s when you get the ‘aha’ moment!

I’ve also used menial tasks like washing the dishes or running and its worked to unlock ideas. And this week I was watching a TV show (taking a quick break from writing, I swear) and a particular scene made the last piece of the puzzle click for me. I finally had the full story for my new concept!

Inspiration can strike at any time and least of all when you expect it. Try not to over heat your brain- let the dots connect for themselves. Of course this doesn’t mean you can just be lazy and sit around- inspiration won’t strike that way! Believe me I’ve tried that too…

Be open to your ideas coming for different places.

In other news I was still on tour with the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ gang this week and was lucky enough to perform near Port Campbell. The night before the show I went for a long stroll along the cliff tops; listened to waves crashing on the rocks and felt the last rays of the sun on my face. It was magical.

It wasn’t all play though; we had a few shows around Victoria and I worked at the gym in between. Didn’t take long to get back into working life. Certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve had 2 months off…Thank God for the weekend!

Friday night was lovely, there was a party at my gym. I went with Roz; we ate hog roast and paella, topped off with a glass of champers. It set a celebratory tone for Sunday; when mum and I started the Christmas celebrations early and had Janette & Will over for lunch.

Geez, it’s only the end of November- looks like January will be a much needed detox month…









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