What I learnt this week: Honesty is the best policy!

July 2015…

Being honest about your feelings can be really hard.  Well, actually it’s hard most of the time!  Because if you’re honest about how you feel it means being vulnerable.  And who likes that?  (I’m pretty sure no-one, although I could be wrong).  But revealing to people why you feel a certain way can be extremely liberating.

I had the chance to do that this week, both in a work and personal situation.  Without going into details I managed to win one of those rounds by explaining why I felt a certain way. The other time, I didn’t score so well.  However you win some, you lose some!

It was a tough work week (it always is after you come back from an amazing holiday).  I did catch up with Martin on Wednesday night,  which was fun.  We went to my fav Mexican place.  It was amusing watching him sweat as he ate his burrito.  Some don’t like it hot 😉

Apart from that it was a quiet.  Until the weekend!   I was very much lead astray (although, I’m easily persuaded)…

Went to see ‘Spy’ on Saturday, which was very funny- I love Melissa McCarthy!  Then importutly caught up with Jon for a drink at Deansgate.  Which led to more impulsive behaviour- checking out the Charlatans gig, with his mates.

Jon declared it wouldn’t be a big night.

It was.





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