What I learnt this week: Impulse control

I never buy lotto tickets. Mostly because I worked in a newsagent as a wee whipper snapper and I saw how much people NEVER won! The system seems kinda rigged, but then again someone has to win.


I’d just had my hair done, and was bouncing down the street, feeling peachy (which is the only way one should feel after spending 3 hours + 3 million dollars at the hairdresser) when I walked passed a newsagent. Something called to me- ‘buy a lotto ticket for Tuesday night.’

Weird I thought. But ok voice inside my head, I’ll do what you say! So I popped in and bought a ticket. I won $39.05! Not exactly enough to retire on, but hey it was a win.

A win that happened because I followed an impulse!

Funnily enough later in the week I was having coffee with Flick and we were speaking about impulses. She’d read an article which talked about how important it is to follow small, sometimes silly impulses.

The reason behind this is because if you don’t, all those little impulses can build up in your body and explode into big impulses that are possibly harmful to yourself or others.

She explained it’s like holding all your emotions in, until it’s too late. So maybe that’s what happens when people go postal. Maybe if they had just let it all out bit by bit they wouldn’t have exploded. Maybe they didn’t have to get to the point of no return. Maybe, just maybe.

Either way I reckon it’s worth a go- we can always use a bit of silliness in our lives. Why not follow those impulses? If you’re not hurting anyone, it’s all good!

I did something else impulsy this week- was chitchatting to Hannah about films and I mentioned ‘Youth’ looked good. ‘Let’s see it,’ she said. I was totally happy to be spontaneous Sally that night, so we scoffed our dumplings and trotted off to the pics. Glad we followed that impulse- what a bloody movie!

It was quite a catchy-upy week actually.

Walked around the lake at Wheelers hill with Jess about 89 times (it was twice). Chatted about her upcoming wedding and hens weekend. Exciting times ahead there.

Speaking about all things exciting- I had brunch with Liv, Bonnie and Michelle on Sunday. The last time I saw Michelle was when I left the UK in September. Seeing her was wonderful but it made me miss England and my life there so much.

On the brightside my adventures back in Aus have just begun…

Mish and me

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