What I learnt this week: Just be here

‘Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard.’

Thank-you ‘Orange is the New Black.’ (I think orange in the new freaking awesome)! I definitely agree with the above statement.  I’ve always been the type to keep busy and not stop to smell the roses.  Perhaps scared of what they may smell like?

So I’d made the move to Leeds and was working out of the Manchester office.  Which if I’m honest was a bit of a pain (4 hour commute each day) but I loved staying at Martine and Gareth’s.  It felt like I was in a real home, not just existing in a shoe box, like in London.

Although suddenly I didn’t have London.  Which meant my social life looked relatively empty.  Oh- so I complained about being living la vida loca and then when I got peace and quiet, I didn’t know what to do with it…

I realised this was because I was so used to running that when I stopped I actually had to look and see where my mind was at.  And I wasn’t sure…I decided I needed time in Leeds. I needed to settle.  I needed to stand still.

Apart from the hectic work commute, the weekend was lovely: fish and chip Friday (the first I’ve had in the UK- with mushy peas!).  Out on the town on Saturday night.  Had my mind blown whilst watching ‘Interstellar’ on the IMAX, followed by a Sunday roast.  Which seemed to becoming a weekly thing.  It’s something I can get used to, I suppose 😉


PS The above week actually happened in November 2014…

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