What I learnt this week: KISS

Not real kissing.  Don’t get excited.  I’m talking about ‘Keep It Simple Stupid.’  As a woman I tend not to follow this rule…EVER!

I bring this idea up because it was my last week in London (well it was in October 2014 haha) and a few things happened to make me reconsider my decision to move to Leeds. My brain started to over react- it was a whole should I stay or should I go situation!

What happened to make me think twice?  Thanks for asking…

1. I caught up with a director who had been a part of my script reading (during the London Screenwriters’ Festival), a brilliant, creative who liked my work and was interested in developing it with me

2. I saw ‘Electra’ at the Old Vic, and during interval I sat drinking a glass of wine, looking out the window at the beautiful chaos of London

3. Then on Thursday I had my leaving party and got to hear all the nice things people thought of me. And that they wanted me to stay, awww

4. Finally I had the most amazing weekend when Hannah B came to London to visit.  On Friday night we went out for a Halloween pub crawl dressed as dark Disney Princesses (as you do).  Meeting up with Jess, Heather and Larissa in Shoreditch.  Then caught up with Hannah’s hilarious Northern mates, as well.  It was a fun night.  Although it wasn’t so much fun catching the tube the next day in my Princess Jasmine costume, along with smeary joker face.  See below…


On Saturday Hannah and I caught up with the Northern boys for lunch.  This turned into drink at  a local pub, then another at the Queen of Hoxton.  The rooftop section there is amazing.  As I look out over London I wondered if I was making the right decision…

I raced to pack my things on the Sunday, as I’d been putting it off because:

1. Packing sux

2. I wasn’t sure I should leave after the amazing week I had!

But then it was time- Hannah put me on the train (with my ridiculous amount of things and I waved good bye).   Arrived in Leeds to a warm welcome from Martine and Gareth.  We went to the pub for an even warmer roast to celebrate.

After dinner, I walked upstairs to my new room, unpacked my things.  Then lay in bed.  I couldn’t hear anything.  All was calm outside.  And I felt calm.  I never had that in London.

I knew I’d made the right decision.  I didn’t need to over think it.  I was unhappy in London and I moved.



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