What I learnt this week: Love me

Feb 2015…

Ah there’s nothing like V Day to make you feel incredibly single (well if you’re single like me, that is).  But the thing is I have loads of love in my life already.  I don’t need a man to feel loved, (although I won’t say no- I’m talking directly to you Ryan Gosling).

So feeling a bit downhearted I decided to do something nice for others (rather than put my head in an oven…jokes).  I messaged all the singletons in my life.  Love isn’t exclusive for lovers.  It’s everywhere.  And you have to give to receive!

Enough mushy stuff…

It was an interesting week at work.  When I say ‘interesting’, I mean incredibly stressful.   I travelled to Cumbria for a meeting and ended up there for the entire week.  I didn’t really have the clothes to support the change of plans.  Eek.  Note to self always pack spare knickers!

By Friday I was back in Manchester and was so shattered.  Had lunch with Libby and she gave me a heart shaped necklace.  Its’ so lovely when someone buys you an unexpected gift!  See comment above- ‘give to receive!’

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