What I learnt this week: My mentor

Feb 2015…

Everyone has that nasty little voice inside their head.  The jerk that tells you that you’re not good enough at ANYTHING.  Actually it’s not little; it’s pretty loud and aggressive.  The worst part is we listen to that voice!

But think about this- if that voice were a guy at the bar telling you that you we were rubbish- would you listen? Me thinks not (well I definitely wouldn’t, I’d punch the guy out)! So why do we let that inner critic voice beat us up?

Who knows?

But actually I don’t want to talk about that crappy inner critic.  I want to talk about your inner mentor!  This is the dude standing on the side lines screaming ‘You can do it!’

However even though he’s screaming he still seems to get drowned out by his nemesis (the inner critic).  So how do we nurture that positive voice…?

Well as always different things will work for different people (the following might be a bit airy fairy for you).  I did a visualisation exercise from Tara Morh’s ‘Playing big book.’  It was amazing!  Cut a long story short I had to imagine myself 20 years from now and ask questions to my inner mentor to find out what I need to be doing now to get to that place.

I did it.

And because I was able to connect with the inner mentor I can now hear both voices- (although it sometimes seems like there’s a lot more than 2 voices chattering away up there).  The best thing is I choose the one I listen and react to!  So can you!

Apart from the awesome lesson I learnt this week, this is what I got up to:

It was a relatively quiet week at work, which was needed.  Apart from Friday which was crazy!  And I managed to get taken out to Jamie’s Italian for lunch by Mike.  Winning!

The weekend was amazing.  I headed to Redditch after work.  Stayed a nice hotel.  Where I enjoyed a few quiet g and t’s, some writing, followed by an early night.  As on the Saturday I attended a career writing workshop.  It was such an awesome day.  I felt really engage and that I had a lot to contribute.

Had a drink with one of the ladies- Jenny who I met at the course.  She was leaving and something in me asked her to stay for a chat and she did.  I’m so glad she did, we got along so well and shared many similar life stories.  It inspired me even more and I sat and wrote for a few hours over dinner.

The next day the inspiration continued and I went for a walk in the surrounding woods before the writing spree continued!


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