What I learnt this week: No fear!

I watched ‘Miss you already’ this week.  There’s a scene in which Toni Collett’s character, (who’s dying of cancer) walks passed a chalkboard with blank spaces you could fill in after the words- ‘Before I die I want to live…’

She wrote:  ‘Before I die I want to live- without fear.’

What an amazing concept. Fear is such a strong emotion in our every day lives. Be it big or small concerns, rational or irrational there’s that lingering anxiety.  It’s seemingly inescapable.

However, sometimes you just need to feel the fear and do it anyway. That way each time you do something which makes you nervous, you get a little better at doing it. Life gets easier, because those things that once scared you no longer do.  It seems quite simple but it definitely works for me.

Sometimes I have a chat with fear, which goes something like this- ‘sure fear I know your trying to hold me back but you know what- I’m gonna do it anyway.  You can’t stop me!’ (I’ve taken out the expletives).

Even when I started this blog I was afraid people wouldn’t read it or they would judge me. But I still did it. Because I’d rather feel the fear than not take a chance on doing something I’ve always wanted to do.  Fear doesn’t have to control us.

Lucky for me my week was filled with anything but fear. I flew to QLD to visit my brothers, who I hadn’t hung out with in 2 years!  Seeing them with awesome girlfriends and settled in their lives made my heart glow.  We spent the weekend together, where there was lots of laughter, celebrating and catching up. It made me realise how much I’d missed them and how important they are to me.

There are so many things to fear in this world but you know what there’s also so many things to love.


P.S. The ‘Before I die’ chalkboard was started by Candy Change.  It’s a really cool story: http://beforeidie.cc/site/about/

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