What I learnt this week: No laughing matter…

This week I read Drew Barrymore’s sort of memoir- ‘Wildflower.’   I’ve always respected Drew. To go from being a drug addict at age 11 to producing amazing films and creating a beautiful family just shows that no matter what happens you can change your life.

There’s a section in the book where she refers to ‘Sullivan’s Travels.’ In this film a director makes a picture about social economic disaster during The Great Depression. However the audience doesn’t like the film, they don’t want reality, they want to laugh!

Sometimes too much darkness is just too hard to take.  Everyone needs to laugh and see the light occasionally.  Otherwise life becomes too unbearable.

The whole turning on the lights concept has been important to me since I was 16. That was when I stood on stage for the first time and made people laugh. I realised I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. But sometimes when I see others struggling through terrible ordeals I think comedy is a waste of time…

However if I can offer a little ray of sunshine for someone so they can smile through their tears, then sharing my work is truly important.

This week I got plenty of sunshine, as I was in Hervey Bay visiting my dad! It had been 2 years, so it was great to see him. I spent the days swimming at the beach, writing, watching comedies, eating yummy foods and drinking too many beers with dad and his partner Karen.  I even caught up with an old school buddy Danielle who I haven’t seen in years. Ahhh, memory lane 🙂

My little vacation culminated in a Halloween Party on the Saturday night at the neighbours- Danny and Josie’s. It was a wicked (haha, get it). I chatted to Danny’s daughter- Carissa who’s looking to start a blog. I gave her the best advice I could- just do it. Because you never know who you could help/inspire out there in the world.


Funnily enough as I was writing this post, I realised I was listening to ‘Lover of the Light’ by Mumford and Sons.


(And very profound)











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