What I learnt this week: Not guilty…

Recently Melbourne saw the senseless deaths of 6 people going about their day, oblivious to that fact they were about to be brutally killed. It was incredibly horrible and completely tragic.

 A friend text me to make sure I wasn’t involved. As I composed my response (to say I was ok) an overwhelming feeling of guilt washed over me due to the fact I was completely unaffected. WTF?

And funnily enough my friend wrote back and said she was glad but felt guilty about being relieved I was completely fine. Again WTF?

I thought about it, then I wrote back – ‘It’s not wrong to want the people you love to be safe, when you are in no way responsible for the callous actions of others. He’s the only one that should feel guilt. And it also doesn’t mean you don’t feel sympathy for the families affected.’

The thing is why should we have felt guilt? We didn’t do anything wrong. There are too many things we can feel guilty about in life.   I mean sometimes I feel guilty  about feeling guilty!  Taking on someone else’s guilt doesn’t seem to be a healthy thing to do!

  Guilt seems to be an inescapable emotion no matter how carefully we try to avoid it. Whether we should feel it or not is another question. But I do know it’s ridiculous to feel guilty for things we have no control over!

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