What I learnt this week: Off to the races…

July 2015…

I was quite a social butterfly this week, flitting here and there!  Movie night Monday with Steph- finally saw Magic Mike XXL.  Wow.  I now know god exists because he created Channing Tatum.  Amen.

Tuesday I caught up with Martin for dinner, which was nice, as I hadn’t seen him in a while.  Actually bumped into him again on Thursday night when Steph and I went on an impromptu drinking spree.  But he seemed embarrassed to see me.  Which put in me in a mood.

A bad mood that could only be lifted by pole dancing in a gay club (of course).  Now I don’t want to toot my own horn (but hey I will)- Steph and I seemed quite good for beginners. Although maybe it was the prosecco that made me think that…

Then a weekend of wonderfulness arrived.  Steph and I caught the train to the Cartmel Races where we celebrated Hannah’s birthday, with a bunch of her lovely friends.  The day continued into the evening- we had Mexican for dinner.  Then out in Ulverston town for some partying.

I ended up chatting with one of Hannah’s friends, Tom quite a bit.  Funnily enough we were talking about my blog (just before we kissed, hehe).  Any-who I was telling him it’s about life lessons I learn.  So I asked him to tell me the most important thing he’d learnt.

Not actually sure what it was now.  That piece of wisdom is lost forever (sorry Tom).  But the point is that maybe there sometimes isn’t a point.  Maybe there isn’t a reason.  Maybe there isn’t a rhyme.  What I do know is that instead of thinking about the boy who didn’t seem to want me anymore I was able to be in the moment and enjoy kissing the one who did.

Hang on- is that a point?


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