What I learnt this week: Only LOVE

I was cleaning out my office space this week and I came across a journal I’d written after I walked the Camino. One of the pearls of wisdom I’d gleaned from the experience was; ‘Love- it’s the most important thing you can do.’

This idea stuck in my head when I heard about the terrorists attacks in France. Horrific violence completely overwhelms me.   And I wonder how humans can do that to one another. The only way I can get through the helplessness is by trying to be more loving in my life.

At the end of the day we all have to live on this earth, why not make it a better place for those around us?  Love is the answer not hate.  Terrorists can’t win if we live with love in our hearts.

On a brighter note I started a new job this week. I’m employed again after 2 months!  Yay! Best of all I love my job working  part-time at a local gym. Now I’ll have time for my writing too.  No more of this full-time work business!

Also went to see Mumford & Sons with mum on Thursday night.   It was an early Chrissy present 🙂 They were incredibly inspiring.

Mum 2

The inspiration helped spur me on the next day when I put the finishing touches on my long list script application for Film Vic. It was amazing to push that send button! And I decided to take the next day off and head to Hanging Rock with mum. Wow- it’s beautiful but eerie out there…

Rock 2


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