What I learnt this week: The significance of Sia

I was incredibly lucky to see Sia in concert last week. Or not see her you might say…

From the little I know about her she’s an extremely shy person. And lives her life away from the limelight.  Which was evident from the fact that she spent the entire performance standing on the side of the stage with a wig covering her face, lights rarely going near her.

Even though I never really saw the star of the show it was one of the best nights of my life. Her voice is what I was there for and it’s even better live. Sia stood  in the dark and let performers shine as they danced dramatically to her songs.

She’s not the type who is worried that if she’s not constantly in people’s faces she’ll be forgotten.  Which is so refreshing in the world where celebrities shove every part of their body down our throat or spout their ridiculous opinions.   She just lives her life and does what she loves.

Yes, I know she chooses not to live her life in the spotlight.  Which begs the question of why everyone is trying to live their life in the spotlight anyway? Is social media/regular media more real than real life? Because to me it just feels like an exhausting fight for us to prove how amazing our lives are.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about capturing every moment but living it instead? Or not thinking that we’re so special we deserve to be adored 24 hours a day.  Even better- imagine not deriving our emotions from how many likes we get!

What if we could stand on the side of stage, still living our lives but without the pressure to perform for everyone?

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