What I learnt this week: Thanks but no thanks…

End of August 2015…

I’m not usually one to follow the crowd.  I try to dance to my own beat, even if it’s a little out of time! But this week I did something I knew I wouldn’t like because everyone told me I had to do it before I left the UK!

I went to Notting Hill carnival.  Not only did I not enjoy it.  I was almost squashed to death (and no, I’m not being dramatic!).  Anyways I don’t regret it because sometimes you just have to see for yourself.

It was a super busy week in London:

  • Out for dinner on Monday night with work peeps.  Not going to lie I drank too much.  But I very much needed it after the day Fran and I had!
  • Dinner with Jon at Mavericks on Wednesday night.  Best pizza ever!  Company was alright too.
  • Steph and I had the most magical night on Thursday.  We literally just walked to Soho and ate tapas at a lovely little wine bar.  We wandered back to the hotel intoxicated by the beauty of London at night time.
  • Friday I traveled from London to Brighton.  My last UK jaunt!  Shelley arrived the next day.  We hung out, shopped, ate and took some obligatory pics on the pier. Also chatted about her visiting me in Aus! Makes it slightly easier to say bye-bye, if I know I will see her again soon 🙂
  • Back to London for Steph’s birthday drinks in Notting Hill.  Which was super fun!
  • I rounded out the week with dinner Stu and Claire. Not sure my liver can take much more…So many celebrations.  So many goodbyes.  But it all makes me realise I’ve built a wonderful life in the UK!

steph too


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