What I learnt this week: The older, the better?

You know what they say- the older you get the wiser you become. And I believe it’s true. Because it has to be doesn’t it? I mean logically speaking the longer you’re on the planet, the more time you have to learn.

But it doesn’t always mean that what I know is correct over someone younger than me. And that’s the difference. Because with age and wisdom, there also can come arrogance.  A belief that we can’t learn from someone younger because what we know is right.

In some cases age and wisdom does out weigh youthful naivety. But sometimes an old dog gets taught a new trick- if they’re willing to eat humble pie- (2 idioms in one sentence, well done me).

Soooo, I was having a conversation (heated debate) with my youngest brother, Tom. He doesn’t drink alcohol and hasn’t for the past few years. Which I really respect and wonder how he does it!

Anyway, he was drinking a Coke Zero (probably just as rubbish as alcohol). And I said the chemicals in that are really bad for you. He replied by saying that he read a university study which concluded aspartame doesn’t cause cancer.

OK, fine. Just because a chemical doesn’t cause cancer doesn’t exactly mean it’s good for you!!! Which is a reasonable thing to say. BUT I didn’t stop there. Nope, I got on my high horse and took off at high speed…And went on to question the validity of the research- I arrogantly stated, ‘what would university students know anyway?’

Well Sal, I hope a lot. Because they’re our future. So instead of being a d*ck and dismiss what he’d read as rubbish because it had come from university research, I should have said- ‘ok cool, that’s interesting but maybe you should get info from other sources, so you can compare.’

After all you can’t just read one thing on the net and believe it to be true. Unless it’s from Wikipedia- everything is accurate on that site- right? Any who the point is- yes, I’m older and sometimes I know more but doesn’t always mean I know better!

Lesson over. What did I do this week?

It was quite worky. My second week in gym sales. I’m starting to get the hang of it now. It’s a fascinating study on how to relate to people differently and ultimately sell to them. But for me it’s more about building relationships than ‘selling.’

The weekend was a bit more social. Met Hannah at Lucky Coq on Friday for $4 pizza and a wine debrief. Then we saw ‘Carol,’ which was a beautiful film but sadly had no substance.

On Saturday, I headed to China Town for dinner and drinks with Liv, Mish and their lady gang. We danced of tooshies off at Fad bar. That place is so cool. I love that it’s not focused on drinking but rather dancing and having a good time with whomever you find there.

Kinda a good metaphor for life really- just dance and have fun with whoever you find yourself with 🙂



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