What I learnt this week: Up in the air

This week I hit Malaysia for a vacation in the heart of the jungle.  I met mum in Kota Kinabulo and we were set to fly to Mulu the next day.  It was going to be perfect…Except it was one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right…

The very short story (believe me you don’t want the full version) is because of a man-made haze created in Indonesia, part of our flights were cancelled and we got stuck half-way to Mulu.  After hours of waiting we were put in accommodation (frequented by ladies of the night) and left to wonder what would happen, as all flights from previous days had been cancelled.

The next day there were; arguments, refunds, the purchasing additional tickets to get the hell out of the hell hole we were stuck in and more delays.  I was angry.  But not for no reason, we’d been messed around and treated badly.

However the real reason I was upset was because I’d planned a lovely holiday for mum and it had turned to shambles.  It was clear we’d never get to Mulu, so we needed to get back to Kota Kinabulo where we could stay in a resort we’d visited on previous trips.

I approached the ticket counter again and explained that if the next flight didn’t leave we’d need to get on the following.  I revealed to the staff member I hadn’t seen my mum in a long time and it was a surprise trip for her, as she’d been unwell.  Turns out her mum had died not long ago, so after some tears on both sides she said- ‘no matter what you will be getting on a flight tonight.’

We did.  And we enjoyed a week in the Shangri-La Rasa Ria in Kota Kinabulo.  It was lovely. Swimming, cocktails by the beach, endless food, relaxing and catching up with our friends Farliani and Fardianie who we’d met the first time we visited the resort.  They now have kids and joked that I was next…

I always think that if you can connect with others and see the human side of people you will go a lot further than if you treat them badly.  Once you understand a situation or the reason why people act the way they do it opens your eyes.


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