What I learnt this week: Who am I?

June 2015…

Humans are such funny things.  There’s a lot of weirdness that gets filtered in our brain, so that we can act like ‘normal’ people when we talk to others, (I’m certain, that’s not just me).  This leads us to being represented by a perception of ourself.  Who we present might be so different to who we actually are.

I’m sometimes fascinated when people tell me something positive about how they see me. Generally I’m like- ‘wow, I don’t feel like I’m that person.’  But that’s because they can’t see my neurotic thoughts (luckily)…

However some people don’t seem to have a sensor button and feel the constant need to impose themselves on others.  All with total ignorance of how uncomfortable it makes everyone else.

None of us are perfect.  We’re all a little nuts.  And we will never actually know what it’s like to know ourselves from outside ourselves.  Unless we work out this cloning business. Guess we can only try to show people as much of ourselves as possible, hoping we won’t scare the crap out of them…

Alright enough of my thought ramblings!

I was in Croatia this week and it was incredible- partying on Hvar, swimming in Sesula, eating the most amazing pizza’s in Scedro, shopping in Korcula, biking through the nature park in Mljet, drinking yummy wine in Sipan and getting to know everyone on the yacht.

On my final night I sat with Hannah, Liv and Ben (an awesome couple we’d met on the boat) at a cliff top bar in Dubrovnik, overlooking the ocean.  And I thought about how lucky I am.

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