What I learnt this week: Why don’t you just listen?

March 2015…


How often are you ‘listening’ to someone but not actually hearing them?  To actively listen is such an amazing skill.  It should be an easy thing to do, but apparently it’s not. However when you do chat with someone who really hears you, it shows.

So why don’t we all listen?

There’s many answers and it depends on what’s happening when you’re supposed to be listening…Maybe you remembered you didn’t turn off the iron and you’re visualising your house burning down.  Maybe the person has been talking for ages and you’re bored. Or you’re busy working.  Maybe you just don’t care.

Whatever the reason- you aren’t listening.  I’m guilty of it.  We all are.  But hand on my heart I will try to do better.

Lesson over- what did I do this week?

It was an intense time at work which was manageable only because I had a four day week! Yay!  On Friday I was off to Iceland with Michelle!

What a country!  We were amazed by the landscapes; cascading waterfalls, hot springs, vast snowy fields, incredible blue skies, pebble beaches and raging waves.  We even got to walk on a glacier with a guide named Thor.  Wow!  That made my life!

It was so fun travelling with Michelle.  I didn’t know her before the trip.  We  had met in Aus through a good friend but hadn’t spent time together in the UK.   It’s always lovely to make a new buddy, especially one who loves experiencing life the same way you do- as an adventure!


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