What I learnt this week: Write, right?

August 2015…

Writing is a huge influence in my world.  It trickles (or pours really) into my ‘real’ life on a daily basis.  I was thinking about subtext- when a character says something opposite to what they’re really feeling. Humans do that a lot!

I was staying at Jon’s whilst he was away for the weekend.  I’d had a pretty rubbish time, as I couldn’t stop thinking about leaving all my friends behind in the UK.  After he arrived home, we chatted and I was about to walk out the door when he asked if I was ok.  I said yes, that I was just tired.

It wasn’t true.  I was sad.

I did text him later and come clean about what I was feeling and his response made me happier. Laugher sometimes is the best medicine!

We are writing our lives every day.  And we can write anything.

It was a busy week!  My replacement at work arrived and the handover of my brain to Fran’s began.  That’s not something I’m sad about!  It was great getting to know Fran during a few social outings!

Also caught up with Steph- we had a lot of chatting to do, after my week away.  I couldn’t get through this leaving business without her.  I know I would’ve been a mess by now (more than I already am).

My fav event with her this week was eating her amazing moussaka. Then heading for a movie date, wearing our rain jackets, stomping through puddles in the pouring rain.  Ahh, nothing like ‘Summer’ in Manchester!


And most importantly it was Claire’s b’day this week.  Headed for dinner, drinks and laughs in the Northern Quarter.

Saying goodbye to all these amazing peeps isn’t going to be easy…


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