What I learnt this week: You live, you learn!

I made it.  I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years!!!

I was worried that when I started- ‘what I learnt this week,’ I might run out of things to learn about…


I realised I’ll never stop learning (or shouldn’t at least).  Even if I think I know all I need to know things might change and I might have to re learn something I thought I already knew!

So I’ve decided the blog will live on.  The lessons will continue…

Apart from the epiphany it was a pretty huge week.  Go time!

Somehow in between working and packing up my life I managed more catch ups 🙂

Monday I had dinner with Steph at ‘Odd.’  It will be so hard not to be able to chat to her every day.    But I know she’ll always be in my life.  And we have more adventures ahead of us.

Tuesday I stayed with Claire and Barney.  She cooked up a delicious Spanish storm.  We had a wonderful time talking the night away until I couldn’t keep my sleepy little eyes open.  I’m so glad I met these guys because they show me what an awesome relationship looks like. Until I have what they have I’m happy kicking it by myself.  No more rubbish boys!

Wednesday Jon cooked me a British feast of fish & chips.  We had such a brilliant night chatting about the future and what might be next in life for each of us.  He’s such a great friend- not having him in my little world all the time will be really difficult.

Thursday there was a work leaving lunch for me.  We ate Mexican with the gang and I was given some beautiful gifts that I’ll truly treasure.  Later that night we had a 3 amigos catch up (me, Steph and Jon).  Headed for a bite and one last beer.  Then I had to say byebye to Jon, which actually was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  But I’d never tell him that…

The 3 amigos

After a hectic Friday Steph and I had a cocktail and some delicious food at the ‘Manchester Food and Wine festival.’ Headed home and watched the final ep of ‘Grace and Frankie,’ a perfect thing for two besties to watch together.

The next day I got on the plane to France.  And that was it.

I lived.  I learned.  And I will continue to do so…


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