What Sally learnt this week: Attention please!

This week I learnt there’s an ugly, needy gremlin in me…

I was excited to catch up with everyone now that I was in back in Aussie.  So I hosted a little coming home party.  Unfortunately a bunch of peeps no showed on me. Of course this type of thing happens to everyone- I know! But it’s hard not to take it personally.  Kinda like when someone breaks up with you and they say-‘don’t take it personally’- how else am I meant to take it, you big, dumb jerk? (I’m not bitter, at all).

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a post to incite guilt. No. No. Let me explain.

The needy gremlin (I’m pretty sure he lurks in us all) tried to tell me those friends didn’t come because they didn’t like me anymore. However that’s just not the reality.

It’s kinda like when a friend doesn’t reply to you via text message, email, Facebook, What sApp, Viber, fax, carrier pigeon etc.  People are busy, they forget, the dog dies, their boyfriend/girlfriend is stupid, they feel ill or anxious.  Millions of ‘anythings’ could be happening in their life!

Just because they’re not showing you constant ATTENTION- doesn’t mean they don’t care about you!

Anyways, when I wasn’t wasting energy chilling the gremlin out I was being productive; writing, catching up with friends (I met Liv’s beautiful baby- Bonnie), visited the dentist, job searching. The best part was probably applying for the dole.  Fun times.

Actually no, the best part was Luke’s 90’s party. I dressed as something that could be described as a chick from the 90’s playschool era (see below). Although thank god kids weren’t watching as I think I drank a little too much vodka…

Let’s start a new week, shall we?


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