What I learnt this week: Bali times

I never thought I’d visit Bali.  It just wasn’t on my list.  However I went for a writers festival and stayed a little longer for some chillaxing time.   I wasn’t expecting much from the place…But that’s the funny thing about expectations- when they’re exceeded it blows your mind and you can learn a lot!

This is what I learnt:

Bali time is different from regular time and you either learn to go with the flow or risk being constantly frustrated

Be careful what you wish for.  I went to Bali looking for quiet reflection and I ended up in the middle of the jungle with barely any food or human contact.  It was a little isolating (I now know how Jack Nicholson felt in ‘The Shining’).  After being by myself for 5 nights I was happy to move closer to town and enjoy some company!  So you might want something, get it and realise it wasn’t what you wanted after all…

There’s so much beauty in the world (especially Bali) and if you sit quietly to watch it you can’t help but feel the serenity in your bones

Make sure you enjoy the journey because you may never find your destination (even after 3 hours of walking in the blazing sun)

It’s really hard to be angry at Balinese people.  Even if they do something really frustrating- like forget to pick you up from the airport (and you wait for 2 hours)!  They’re so friendly and apologetic that it’s calming.  They don’t feed your anger and you let it go instead

Traffic is crazy but somehow it flows.  There’s no road rage, everyone just finds a way through and drives on

You can meet the most amazing people and have the most unexpected fun. Although that’s travel in general!

The phrase ‘a leap of faith never fails’ rings true when you watch a bunch of monkeys basically flying from tree to tree without hesitation

When you’re lost there are signs that will point you back to the way you were meant to go. They come is different forms- sometimes a tiny Balinese man with a huge smile might be that guide. Even if at first you dismiss him because you think he’s trying to sell you something. Guides are there.  Just don’t miss them!

Your best laid plans will most definitely change.  And that my friends is life all over 🙂

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